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Hotel from hell: Guest films horrifying video of his mattress crawling with BED BUGS that ‘left his girlfriend covered in bites’

A California man has shared a horrifying video that shows a mattress infested with bed bugs that left his girlfriend’s body covered in bites during their stay at a Manhattan hotel.
Elgin Ozlen, from Long Beach, posted a video on YouTube on Friday that shows more than 50 bugs crawling in the seams and along the sides of the mattress he says was in his room at the Astor on the Park Hotel on the Upper West Side.
Ozlen begins the YouTube video from outside, showing that the hotel is across the street from Central Park before walking into the lobby and up the elevator to his room, number 509.

He reveals that it is the third room him and his girlfriend have been moved to in two nights after the heater didn’t work in the first one and the power outlets didn’t function in the second.
‘The third one we’re in is going to shock you,’ he says. ‘Because half the power outlets don’t work, the heater doesn’t work as well, and the surprise you’re going to see.’
‘I want to let everyone know today is my birthday, and this is what my experience has been.’

Ozlen puts the key into door and first reveals the space heater they have to use because the heater is broken, and shares that only two outlets in the room work.
Meanwhile the camera momentarily flashes on the bed, which has been stripped of its sheets.
‘I noticed today my girlfriend’s arms, and side and stomach, in a full rash, from what I assumed came form outside,’ Ozlen then says.
‘But really, it came from this bed.’

Now the camera is back on the bare bed and Ozlen flips the mattress over as the camera finds the black bugs, which Ozlen says are ‘the size of your pinky nail’, together in clumps.
‘Another one there, another one there, another one there,’ he repeats, showing bug after bug before the camera zooms in on a massive clump.
Ozlen then turned the camera on his girlfriend to show how one of her arms was covered with bites
Ozlen then turned the camera on his girlfriend to show how one of her arms was covered with bites
‘About 50 right there,’ he says.
‘I don’t have time to show you them all, but this is no joke,’ he continues.
‘We’re not staying in the Bronx, we’re not staying in Brooklyn, we’re not staying in Queens. This is Manhattan.’
Ozlen then begins touching the bugs with a pen to show them crawling around the mattress.
‘Look at this, an infestation where my girlfriend slept last night,’ he says. ‘I can’t believe it. They’re everywhere on the bed.’
‘I hope no one stays here ever again.’
Ozlen then takes the camera to the bathroom and turns it on his girlfriend, showing huge bites running down one of her arms, as well as bites on her stomach and back.
‘I hope this video makes it to court, and this place gets what it deserves,’ he says.
Astor on the Park told the Daily Mail Online that no one was available at this time to comment.
The 112-room hotel, where room rates average under $110 according to New York Magazine, has a three-and-a-half star rating on TripAdvisor.
It also has a two-and-half-star rating on Yelp, as it has been hit with a number of one star reviews since the release of Ozlen’s video.
Reviews of bed bugs at Astor on the Park date back as early as 2011, in a TripAdvisor review by an Australian man who said he was ‘eaten alive’ by bed bugs while staying at the hotel.
‘I am not talking one or two bites,’ he wrote. ‘My whole arm looked like I was diseased.’

The man said the staff ‘seemed concerned’ when he showed him his arm and that a maintenance man sprayed the mattress and room ‘with some bug killer’.
‘It appeared to help,’ he wrote. ‘I only got a few bites the second night.’
One December 2014 Yelp reviewer, who said she paid $175 for one night, said she found a cockroach in the room and woke up the next morning with bed bug bites.
Another May 2015 Yelp reviewer called the hotel ‘the most disgusting place’ she had ever been in and said she and her fiance found ‘gray dots’ after taking the blanket off the bed.
‘I had no idea if they were bugs, but what was enough,’ she wrote. ‘We left that night and will never be back.’
Reviews on both TripAdvisor and earlier in Yelp vary widely, with titles ranging from ‘A little gem’ to ‘3 nights in hell’.

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