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Month: June 2013

City of Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance

City of Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance. Passed on June 5, 2013 an it will go into effect in December 2013. Here are some highlights of the ordinance. You can view the full text here  Bed bugs have been declared to be a public nuisance. Landlord Responsibility: In any rental unit where an infestation of bed bugs is

Woman Awarded $800K Over Bed Bug Infestation

ANNAPOLIS — A woman who lived for more than eight months in a bedbug-infested apartment in Annapolis has been awarded $800,000 because her landlord allegedly failed to correct the problem. An Anne Arundel County jury deliberated 45 minutes on Wednesday before making the award to Faika Shaaban. She rented an apartment in a house owned

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