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Bedbugs found at Chicago firehouse

A Chicago firehouse has been treated for a bedbug problem.

Bedbugs were found last week in the bunk house in the 1700 block of Polaski in the city’s Hermosa’s neighborhood.

Thirty-six firefighters and medics share the space each day.

The department believes the bedbugs came from a box spring brought into the house since the department does not provide them. Once they got the box spring out of the house, the departments infectious disease inspectors was called in and confirmed bed bugs were present and an exterminate was called as well.

It seems as if the problem was caught before it became an infestation. A private exterminator put out traps last Friday and so far, according to the department, no live bed bugs have been found.

An email was sent out department-wide warning of the signs of bed bugs and how to spot them. It also asked fire fighters not to bring in outside furniture and make sure they wash and dry their linens.

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