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Bed bugs reportedly found on 16th floor of Willis Tower

POSTED 10:14 PM, JULY 28, 2014, BY 

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Chicago’s most recognizable building has a tiny problem it is trying to shake.  Bed bugs were found on the 16th floor of the Willis Tower which is home to United Airlines.

Employees are complaining that they’ve been told very little about the infestation which is believed to be contained to an area on that floor.

The Willis Tower sent out two e-mails in late June but nothing else has gone out.

The June 23rd e-mail said, “The crew will use an environmentally-safe technique that ‘freezes’ the insects without using chemical insecticides.”

Jim Stavropoulos from Eco-Tech, which didn’t treat the Tower but is experienced in treating bed bugs says the problem with treating bed bugs in office buildings is that people are in and out all day.  They could potentially bring the bed bug back into the office repeatedly.

The Willis Tower brought in K-9’s to detect the infestation and exterminators have visited the site several times.  United says it will continue those efforts until the bed bugs are eradicated.

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