Bedbugs kill woman, caretaker faces charges

Bedbugs kill woman, caretaker faces charges

USA TODAY NETWORKGordon Rago, York (Pa.) Daily Record3:40 p.m. ET Feb. 25, 2017

A Pennsylvania woman died last year from bedbug bite complications. The insects had invaded the care facility where she was housed.

Now, the woman’s 72-year-old caretaker Deborah Butler faces felony charges including involuntary manslaughter and neglect of care.

Last February, West Manheim Township Police entered the southern Pennsylvania home and noticed the bed bugs. They crawled on walls and along ledges. They scurried on the bed sheets and pillow where an elderly woman slept in a first-floor room. She told officers she was blind, but could “feel them crawling.” Sometimes, she added, they bit her, too.

Paramedics, police said, would later check on that woman, but did not notice any visible injuries. Police said another woman, 96-year-old Mary Stoner, was staying at the home. Two weeks after the visit, Stoner was dead.

An autopsy determined her cause of death was from “complications of sepsis followed by bed bug infestation,” according to charging documents.

Stoner’s family moved her out of Butler’s home on Feb. 3, 2016, after noticing her health worsen. During previous visits, Stoner’s family told police she was in good health. On Feb. 6, Stoner was brought to the emergency room, where doctors found sores on her skin. Staff members were under the opinion the woman’s infection was a result of bed bug bites.

Stoner was discharged from the hospital about a week later, only to be readmitted again. Doctors said she had pneumonia.

She died a week later.

The women, police said, stayed with Butler at her home. Butler provided food, shelter, clothing as well as personal and health care. Both women paid for the care services, documents state.

In talking with police prior to Stoner’s death, Butler told them she had been trying to get rid of the bed bugs since September 2015 and had used store-bought supplies. She said she could not afford an exterminator and blamed Stoner for bringing in the bugs, documents state.

Butler, who was charged last week, had taken Stoner to her family doctor in January because Stoner had been scratching her neck and been sick. Butler did not mention bed bugs during the doctor’s appointment, police said, and Stoner didn’t mention them either.

In the coming weeks, Butler said she noticed no change in Stoner’s condition. But police said “evidence later indicated that the victim’s condition would have been clearly visible and obvious that serious medical attention was required.”

Stoner received no further medical treatment until her family took her to York Hospital. In the week after Stoner’s death, police said they searched Butler’s home and found bed bugs in various stages of their life cycle.

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Man Sues Chicago Hotel, Claiming He Was Bitten by Bed Bugs in 2 Separate Rooms

A man has filed a lawsuit against a hotel in Chicago’s Near North neighborhood, claiming that he was attacked by bed bugs in two separate rooms while staying there over the summer.

Allen Brown said he was staying at the Courtyard Marriott Chicago Downtown/River North hotel, located at 30 E. Hubbard St. on August 16, when he suffered “numerous bed bug bites” in his sleep, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court on Dec. 27.

Brown notified hotel staff that he had been bitten by bed bugs, according to the lawsuit, at which point he was moved to a second room in the hotel – where he was bitten by more bed bugs.

The suit against the Courtyard Management Corporation and Marriott Hotel Services, Inc. claims that the hotel rented rooms to guests knowing the rooms were infested, failed to conduct a reasonable inspection of its rooms, and failed to provide pest control services.

Brown seeks $50,000 plus court costs and attorney fees through the lawsuit, according to the complaint.

The suit was filed just days before the annual ranking of “Top 50 Bed Bug Cities” was released, with Chicago dropping from the top spot for the first time in five years.

Pest control company Orkin reports the city moved down two spots for 2016 to take third behind Baltimore and Washington, D.C., when it comes to bed bug infestations.

The Courtyard Marriott did not immediately respond to request for comment.


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Video shows possible bed bugs on CTA train

FOX 32 NEWS – Bed bugs on a CTA train? That is the claim of one passenger whose complaints got a Red Line car pulled for inspection.

The pictures first surfaced thanks to a Reddit user. That user took a Red Line train to work Monday morning and spotted crawling bugs on the seat and on the rider.

Jim Stavropoulos, a bed bug expert, sat down to look at the pictures. Although he can’t tell without seeing the bugs in person if they are in fact bed bugs, he says it’s certainly a possibility.

“It’s definitely a bug…could be bed bugs,” he said.

The CTA issued a statement saying in part, “we are aware of the recent report and the reported rail car was removed from service and treated for pests.”

Stavropoulos says the clean-up isn’t as simple as just calling an exterminator, and that sometimes the bugs hide in crack and crevices.

Some riders say they’re not surprised by the discovery on a train they take every day, while others say they will be opting to stand.

“Definitely never sitting down again,” Emilia Misischia said.

The CTA says it cleans it train cars and buses on a regular basis, at the beginning and end of every trip.

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Man bitten over 100 times by ‘bed bugs’ on British Airways flight given just £50 compensation

Paul Standerwick said he was bitten over 100 times by bed bugs.

Paul Standerwick said he was bitten over 100 times by bed bugs. Credit: SWNS

A man who was bitten “over 100 times” by bed bugs on a British Airways flight has demanded an apology after he was given just a £50 voucher as compensation.

Paul Standerwick, 36, was about to depart for a family holiday in the US with his wife and two young sons when his flight was delayed by 24 hours.

When his flight finally took off from Heathrow, Mr Standerwick was repeatedly bitten by bugs.

It was only after he landed that Mr Standerwick discovered passengers had been moved from the seat he was sitting in after complaining about the bugs.

Paul Standerwick was bitten by bed bugs during a British Airways flight with his wife and two young sons (pictured).
Paul Standerwick was bitten by bed bugs during a British Airways flight with his wife and two young sons (pictured). Credit: SWNS

“Me and my son moved seats to sit and watch the landing by the window,” he said.

“It wasn’t until after we landed, actually, that someone tapped me on the shoulder and said the people sitting in the seats we moved to were moved on after they complained about bed bugs.”

Mr Standerwick added: “I thought nothing of it at the time. But about an hour later, at our hotel, these horrible, itchy bites started to appear.

“They got really infected. Lots of pus. They were everywhere. On my neck, my back, shoulders and legs.

Paul Standerwick said he is still scarred by the bed bug bites.
Paul Standerwick said he is still scarred by the bed bug bites. Credit: SWNS

“Where I was bitten lots of times in one place there was what looked like large bites the size of a 50 pence piece. If I had to guess, I would say I was bitten well over a hundred times. I’m still scarred. It’s horrible.”

Mr Standerwick then only received a £50 voucher from British Airways as compensation for his ordeal.

“I’m not even a compensation person,” he said. “I don’t like that attitude. All I want is a proper apology. I paid for a premium service, and what I got was the complete opposite.”

A spokeswoman for British Airways said: “We have said sorry to our customers for their experience and appreciate it must have been upsetting.

“We work hard to provide the best possible experience for customers on our flights and we’re sorry that on this occasion we haven’t met our customer’s expectations.”

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Bed bugs repulsed by certain colours

By Michelle Roberts
Health editor, BBC News online


Bed bugs appear to have a strong preference for particular colours – a quirk that could be used against the troublesome pests, say scientists.

According to the work in the Journal of Medical Entomology, the blood-sucking insects love black and red but hate yellow and green.

This information could help make better traps to lure and catch the bugs.

But it is too soon to say if yellow sheets can stop them nesting in your bed, say the US researchers.

Bed bugs are tiny and they like to live close to their next meal – your blood. They can hide in the seam of your mattress or a joint in your bed frame. They tend to prefer fabric and wood over plastic and metal.

But Dr Corraine McNeill and colleagues wanted to find out if colours affected where bed bugs might dwell.

They carried out a series of experiments in their lab, placing bed bugs in dishes with different colour shelters made out of card.

Rather than taking cover at random, the bugs appeared to select the shelters according to their colour, showing a preference for black and red.

Dr McNeill said: “We originally thought the bed bugs might prefer red because blood is red and that’s what they feed on.

“However, after doing the study, the main reason we think they preferred red colours is because bed bug themselves appear red, so they go to these harborages because they want to be with other bed bugs.”

The bugs appeared to dislike yellow and green shelters, possibly because these bright colours remind them of brightly lit areas that are less safe to hide in, say the researchers.

Past studies have found these two colours are unattractive to other blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes and sandflies.

Dr McNeill said: “I always joke with people, ‘Make sure you get yellow sheets!’ But to be very honest, I think that would be stretching the results a little too much.

“I don’t know how far I would go to say don’t get a red suitcase or red sheets, but the research hasn’t been done yet, so we can’t really rule that out completely.”

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