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We Guarantee Our Services for 6 Months

We Guarantee to Eliminate All Bed Bugs

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program; we offer a 6 month guarantee one of the longest guarantees in the industry.

6 MonthBed Bug Guarantee

We consider that bed bugs have been eliminated from your home on our last follow-up treatment/visit if our technicians find no evidence of live bed bugs and the resident has not seen any bed bugs and/or has not reported and/or confirmed any further bites by bed bugs. This is based on our detailed, multi-facet services that include vacuuming, steam and cryonite freeze treatment, dust application, a detailed crack and crevice treatment, installation of bed leg protectors (Climbups), and mattress/box spring encasements (see requirements). Our service is designed to provide your immediate relief from bites, but also to ensure elimination. We come for one more service that is an additional crack and crevice application to kill any survivors or newly hatched baby bed bugs (nymphs). Our Guarantee Requirements:
  • All bedrooms must be treated.
  • In multi-unit buildings, all adjoining units must be inspected and treated if evidence of bed bugs is found.
  • All box springs must be encased. The box spring encasements re included with the service, while the mattress encasements are offered at a 35% discounted price.
  • Any mattress with signs of bed bug activity will also have to be encased.
If these requirements are not fully met, then we may offer a 60-day guarantee from first service date on a discretionary basis. Exclusions:
  • High-level infestation. On the initial inspection if more than 100 bed bugs are found this is an indicator of a very high infestation that may take more time and additional services. We will discuss this with the client to enable the best value and the best warranty in this circumstance.
  • Excessive clutter (75% or greater of the floor surface covered with furniture and clutter)
  • If arrangements are made to declutter, then we will work with the client or with the tenant to eliminate the infestation by prior conditional agreement.
  • Dropped ceiling
    • This condition can pose severe problems of control. We can arrange for specific approaches to address this by prior conditional agreement.
  • Uncooperative tenants
  • New furniture (new or used) added to unit after treatment without arrangements to ensure no new infestation has been imported during the warranty period.
  • Treated by another organization or self-treatment by owner, or tenant that has caused the infestation to become dispersed throughout the property.

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